You are

  • an institution
  • a public authority
  • a company
  • a society / foundation / corporation

You are looking for

  • a junior doctor for a long-term post / limited duration post
  • a specialist doctor for a long-term post / limited duration post
  • a scholarship holder to train as a medical specialist
  • an intern seeking a short period of further training or wishing to learn a specific technique

We offer

  • recruitment of doctors/ specialist doctors with medical qualifications from EU countries or non-EU countries with
  • knowledge of the German language at the B2/C1 level
  • German Approbation (licence to practise medicine)
  • German Berufserlaubnis (provisional licence to practise medicine)
  • placement of medically qualified interns for short stays
  • assistance with all official regulations
  • regular support for foreign employees/ solutions for problems
  • We can arrange assessment centres for non-European scholarship holders in Germany or in the country of origin, if required, at your expense.

Placing an order is free of charge. Costs only become due once a suitable applicant has been found and placed, see Terms and Conditions

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