KK&S General Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions

Section 1 Scope

  1. These General Terms and Conditions shall apply to cooperation between Kanthack Kontakt & Schlie (hereinafter KK&S) and its contractors and between KK&S and applicants.
  2. Our General Terms and Conditions shall apply exclusively. Existing general terms and conditions of the contractor or applicant shall not be applicable.

Section 2 Contacting us and using our service

  1. Contracting of KK&S services and acceptance of orders by KK&S must be made in writing.
  2. When documents and information are provided, this implies approval of the confidential use of these in the placement process between the business partners.

Section 3 Services

  1. KK&S undertakes to process the order conscientiously, carefully and within the terms of all legal provisions applicable in Germany.
  2. Further, within the range of its activities, KK&S guarantees that it will treat confidentially all data transferred to it and will conform to the privacy laws.
  3. There is no legal claim to extra services apart from those provided for by the contract.
  4. Success of the placement is not within the scope of KK&S’s responsibilities. KK&S does not guarantee successful placement.

Section 4 Duty of Disclosure

Applicants and contractors must inform KK&S immediately of a contract signed as a result of the agency of KK&S.

Section 5 Costs

  1. The charge for the initial advice is calculated based on individual factors.
  2. Generally charged are interns and doctoral candidates as well as the use of extra services displayed on the website and charged individually according to costs.
  3. KK&S shall not bear the applicant’s expenses incurred previously or in relation to employment interviews.
  4. Similarly, any travel and accommodation expenses of the applicant shall be paid by the applicant itself or the employer.

Section 6 Terms of payment

  1. The agency fee shall fall due when an employment contract comes into force.
  2. The statutory VAT shall be applied to all amounts.
  3. Invoices from KK&S shall be due net immediately.

Section 7 Privacy

  1. Documents and application papers received by the potential employer from KK&S remain the property of KK&S. They must be treated with strict confidentiality and immediately returned to KK&S should the applicant not be employed.
  2. Employers and KK&S undertake to maintain absolute secrecy about documents and information they exchange and in no case to pass them on to third parties without express permission.
  3. If the employer passes on data or information about applicants supplied to it to third parties, it shall compensate KK&S for the loss of an agency fee.
  4. We assure, that we do not collect data about the visitors of our internet or facebook pages. Only the contact data required for business purposes, which are voluntarily provided by the customer when they contact us. These will be deleted after the legal retention period. The data is treated confidentially according to DSGVO.

Section 8 Disclaimer

  1. KK&S disclaims liability for minor breaches of duty unless damages are concerned affecting injury to life, body or health or else guarantees or claims under the product liability regulations.
  2. This does not apply to liability for breaches of duty where fulfilment of the duty is essential for the proper fulfilment of the contract and can normally be relied upon by the client.
  3. The same applies to breaches of duty for which our agents are responsible.