You are

  • a doctor (specialist, junior or resident, newly qualified) with a medical qualification from an EU country
  • a doctor with a medical qualification from a non-European/ non-EU country
  • a doctor with a postgraduate scholarship to study for a specialist qualification
  • a doctor wishing to complete a doctoral thesis to obtain the German qualification Dr. med. or Dr. nat. med. (interdisciplinary doctoral course of study in molecular medicine – IPMM – for medical doctors and natural scientists)
  • a doctor seeking a short-term internship in Germany in order to learn a technique or for training purposes

You are looking for

  • a temporary post
  • a long-term post
  • a post in which to train for the German specialist (Facharzt/Fachärztin) qualification
  • a position as the holder of a scholarship to undergo training for the medical specialist (Facharzt/Fachärztin) qualification
  • a position in which to study for the doctoral qualification Dr. med. or Dr. nat. med.
  • internship

at a German medical establishment (hospital, practice or public authority establishment).

We offer

  • to look for an appropriate position for you as a a junior house officer, a senior house officer or resident, a doctor in specialist training, a doctoral candidate or intern

Full service:

Support by:

  • Application
  • Residence permit
  • Recognition of your EU qualification and award of Approbation (licence to practise medicine in Germany), or help in gaining recognition of the equivalence of your non-European medical qualification and award of Approbation
  • Compliance with all official regulations
  • Instruction to obtain the obligatory knowledge of the German language*
  • Medical mentoring if required*
  • Intercultural training if required*
  • Advice on the necessary insurance cover
  • Support with applications for benefits of the German social security system
  • Checking your employment contract
  • Introduction to your new workplace
  • Help with finding somewhere to live
  • Support throughout your stay in Germany if you have questions or problems of any sort


The charge for the initial advice is calculated based on individual factors.


  1. Finding a place in which to complete a doctoral thesis with supervision
  2. Placing scholarship holders seeking further training
  3. Finding internships. In these cases the fee charged depends on the training establishment. Interns do not usually receive payment.

* A fee is charged for the following services if they are required:

  1. Instruction to gain the obligatory knowledge of the German language
  2. Medical mentoring: preparation for the basic medical tasks/ basic skills usual in Germany
  3. Intercultural training

Please make initial contact with us by sending us your CV and indicating the type of post you would like and your preferred specialty (with any alternatives). This should be in the form of a PDF or Word document.

Please give us a landline telephone number if possible.

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